Linkedin Sales Funnel

Unlock & Maximize Revenue Growth using LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sales Funnel

We use a proven customized framework that has helped create new business engagements opportunities for all level of sales and business development C-level, VP, Directors, Consultants, founders, and other key executives from start-up to SMB and beyond…

Meet Stu Holloway

I’m Stu Holloway, Founder of R2 Innovate and for the last decade plus, I’ve helped all different types of Tech companies, business owners, salespeople, coaches, and recruiters build process driven sales programs.

We have developed custom sales and outreach cadences and specific processes that have been honed over 100’s of engagements with companies in different stages and verticals. Come join us and start filling your pipeline using our proprietary LinkedIn methodology. All organic and No automation, just hard work, and smart effective processes.

  • We help identify your prospects via Linkedin. 
  • We use our experience to build the right process and outreach cadence.
  • We use our professional copywriters to create the right messaging to maximize results.
  • NO BOTS – we are using good old fashioned hard work, it’s manual but consistently delivers the best results day after day.
  • Month to month no heavy commitments we stand on what we do and know that you will continue with success.