About Us

We are a young and creative company and we offer you fresh business ideas.

Who are we?R2 Innovate

R2 helps organizations grow revenue with greater velocity. We offer a full range of sales solutions with technology and services that drive efficiencies and optimize your sales ecosystem.
    • 15 years of our team working together, building best practices and a wealth of sales experience experience.  Since 2007 our team has run outsourced SDR and Sales teams for hundreds of technology, software and internet companies of all sizes.


    • Location and Community:  Local teams – North American Presence: We do all this with one of the best, most diverse, well-trained and highly engaged teams on the planet.  Our team and our reps work and grow with us, and our clients, to become not just industry experts, but company and market experts for the clients we serve.


  • Personal ethos or creed:  Results!  Help our customers succeed in turning prospects into loyal, repeat customers.  Rinse and Repeat daily.

How we like to engage with our customers: Personally.  We are one team with our customers.  We provide the best support for our clients  in the business and highly trained managers and BPO teammates unmatched around the planet.  We are one community with our customers and employees and we strive to make everyone in that ecosystem successful.